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Online Money Transfer

Interchange Financial is the leader in international online money transfers from Canada. Our service allows you to transfer money globally online to most major destinations in the world. The reason that clients use our service instead of their bank is that we offer better exchange rate that allows clients on average to save 5% bank exchange rates. There are no fees associated with our online transfers. Our process moves money quickly, less expensively and securely. You can send money from your Canadian bank to any bank account in most destinations online.


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FINTRAC regulated

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Minimum $500 To book rates for amounts over $100,000 please contact us We are not currently purchasing this currency.
Minimum $500 To book rates for amounts over $100,000 please contact us We are not currently selling this currency.
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Corporate Clients

We can accommodate the needs of our corporate clients who need to make regular payments with ongoing international transactions.


We can also provide global money transfer services to individuals, including one- time transactions for a particular purpose.

In each case, our clients benefit from our wholesale exchange rates and fees and best-in class service and expertise.

Client inherits 150,000 EUR in France and is looking to transfer the funds to Canada. The client is quoted a rate that is 3% above the exchange rate and a $150 wire fee. Client conducts the same transaction at Interchange:

receiving an additional

$4,060 over what the bank had quoted

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Before transferring money online

When you transfer money online between one bank account and another international bank account, you are at the mercy of your bank for what exchange rate they decide to charge you. And you can be certain that the bank is charging you a very unfavorable exchange rate unless you take matters into your own hand. By using the Interchange Financial money transfer service you take matters into your own hands; you know exactly how much you are sending and how much you will receive right when the transaction happens. There are no wire fees or other charges. Contact us to find out more.

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