Money Transfer & Payment Services


Better Rate

We provide clients with payment services in a variety of major currencies across the world. When transferring funds from one account to another in a different currency we can help you make the conversion at substantially more favorable rates than are otherwise available.
Better Rates on currency exchange

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Transfers can involve ..

Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

regular payments with ongoing international transactions

Individual Clients


one- time transactions for a particular purpose

In each case, our clients benefit from our wholesale exchange rates and fees and best-in class service and expertise.

Global Money Transfer

Before Transferring

In our experience, clients involved in such transactions through the banks pay effective rates that are several percentage points more than necessary. As such, we encourage you to contact us early in your decision making process when considering transferring assets from one currency to another for payments or acquisitions. Individual clients are regularly refered to us by accountants, real estate agents, lawyers and financial advisors who are looking for the best exchange rates for their clients. For more information: CONTACT US
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