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About Us

We are a leading Canadian currency exchange and money transfer company.

We are dedicated to serving all your foreign currency exchange needs. By harnessing the power of technology and financial expertise, we deliver innovative services and exceptional pricing to our clients. We process billions of dollars of cross-currency transactions each year and save our customers millions of dollars relative to traditional options. We believe that technology and innovation are revolutionizing the financial services industry. In many cases, those technologies involve fintech and paytech but sometimes they also include enduring technologies such as paper fiat currencies. So, whatever your currency exchange needs, we believe we have a solution for you.

Best Exchange Rate Guarantee

Our clients take comfort in knowing that they are receiving the best exchange rates in Canada based on our exchange rate guarantee.

IFC history

Our History

One of our founders is a lifelong entrepreneur who travelled extensively and bought and sold assets in the US and Europe regularly. He was often frustrated that his Canadian bank did not offer internationally competitive rates on currency exchange transactions and found that that his business plans were impacted by that fact. The only alternatives he could find were forex trading firms that were designed for electronic trading and speculation and not capable of solving real business problems. He identified a need in Canada for a company specializing in currency exchange that could address the needs of real people and real businesses. He teamed up with a currency specialist and soon thereafter Interchange Financial was born. Perhaps not surprisingly given the demand for better exchange rates, we have grown into one of Canada’s premier currency exchange specialists.

Privacy and Security

Interchange has an impeccable track record of integrity and customer satisfaction. Some facts attesting to this history are highlighted below:


Regulated and monitored by the Federal Government as an exchange specialist


Documented compliance with the highest regulatory and industry standards

A+ rating

A+ rating from consumer review organizations such as the Better Business Bureau


Staffed by bankers and lawyers from some of the top global banks and law firms

Banks and many other financial institutions provide a variety of services to their clients.

We pride ourselves on being specialists in
one area only; forex services.

This specialization and our large volumes enable us to deliver both better services and better rates to our clients on any type of foreign exchange transaction.

Account to Account Service at Interchange Currency Exchange

Account to Account

If you have US dollar bank account in Canada and are looking to convert in your bank account at better rates than offered by your bank, then this service is for you.

Cash transactions at Interchange Currency Exchange


We have exchange rates that are much better than the banks and we charge no fees.

Money Transfer services at Interchange Financial

Money Transfer

If you are transferring money internationally or receiving money from overseas, we can help you save money as well because of our better exchange rates.

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