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Currency Exchange

Account to Account

If you have a US dollar bank account in Canada and are looking to convert funds within your accounts at better exchange rates then this service is for you. You can reserve a rate online, on the phone, or at one of our locations. Everything is done electronically using your existing bank accounts on our propriety ICS Service. We also offer this service for other major currencies.



  • Appropriate for clients converting funds in bank accounts
  • Transaction size between $2,500 and $2,000,000

Client has purchased property in the US and needs to make a payment of 150,000 USD. The client approaches Interchange and receives a rate that allows for:

savings of approximately

$1,385 over the quote provided by her bank

Money Exchange


We are better than your bank in providing cash foreign exchange in three ways. Most importantly, we have exchange rates that are much better than the banks and we charge no fees. That means, that you receive more money in exchange for your money than you would if you exchanged at the bank. Also, we always have currencies available and there is no need to order in advance if you are visiting one of our locations. Finally, we can deliver foreign cash to you anywhere in Canada at better exchange rates. We back this commitment in our Exchange Rate Guarantee.



Payment Services

Money Transfer

We provide clients with payment services in a variety of major currencies across the world. When transferring funds from one account to another in a different currency we can help you make the conversion at substantially more favourable rates than are otherwise available.


  • Better exchange rates
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Low or no fees depending on destination


  • Appropriate for clients transferring funds internationally
  • Available for transactions over $10,000
  • Destinations limited to eligible countries

We offer these services for

Currency Exchange Conversions

Our clients can conduct currency exchange conversions and funds transfers in 70 currencies from around the world. Depending on the client’s needs, we offer these services through bank transfers (bank wires, electronic transfers and bank drafts) as well as banknotes (cash). We conduct these transactions for corporate clients as well as individuals looking for better rates on foreign exchange transactions.
So, whether you are a company regularly sourcing material overseas, a student paying tuition fees overseas, a new Canadian looking to convert your life savings into Canadian dollars, or simply looking to pick up some cash on your way to an exotic vacation, we are certain we can help you save on your currency exchange needs.

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