ICS Service

Innovative service to

Convert US Dollars

ICS Service is an innovation by Interchange Financial that enables clients to convert funds within their own bank accounts at rates that are substantially better than bank exchange rates. This service is ideal for clients in Canada who have bank or investment accounts in Canadian and US dollars and are looking to convert from one currency to another within these accounts. ICS is appropriate both for a one time exchange or ongoing exchanges.

Exchange Rate

Our ICS clients typically receive an improvement of 1% - 3% on bank exchange rates.


The funds stay within your own accounts and the conversion takes place through the Canadian banking system.


There is no need to visit your bank branch or leave your home or office.


Our ICS clients have access to our FX experts and receive the latest information on FX markets.

ICS Service

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Frequently asked questions about ICS Service

How does it work?
Once you have registered for the service, you simply get the latest quote from us and book a rate when you decide it is appropriate. Once you have booked a rate, you will receive an email confirming the booking as well as the exchange rate and the exact amount you will receive. The exchange is then reflected in your bank accounts 3 – 4 business days later.
Is ICS appropriate for me?
In our experience, ICS is beneficial for clients who hold accounts in US and Canadian dollars and move funds from one account to another.
How do I register for ICS?
Registration involves filling out our form and providing identification documentation. Please contact us at any time to speak with a representative and receive the appropriate form and instructions.
Does it cost anything to register for ICS?
There are no costs or obligations involved in registering for ICS. Once you register you may decide to use the service, or not, as you deem fit.
Are there any fees for conversions?
There are no fees of any kind involved in ICS Service
Am I eligible?
Currently, our ICS service is limited to Canadian citizens or corporations who hold CAD and USD accounts at an eligible bank or credit union. The amount converted must be no less than $5,000 CAD and no more than $1,000,000 CAD. Please contact us to confirm eligibility and appropriateness of ICS for your needs.
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