Convert USD to CAD online and at Canada’s best exchange rate. No Fees.

Use Interchange Financial for your USD to CAD conversions. You can convert US dollars to Canadian dollars at a better exchange rate with just a few clicks. If you are an existing client you can book your conversion on the tool on this page. There are no hidden or other fees of any kind for USD exchanges. If you are a new client, sign up here to get access to Canada’s best USD to CAD exchange rates. Signing up is easy, quick and secure. After you have signed up, you can convert USD to CAD at any time online from the convenience of your home.


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No Fees

Minimum $1,000 To book rates for amounts over $50,000 please contact us We are not currently purchasing this currency.
Minimum $1,000 To book rates for amounts over $50,000 please contact us We are not currently selling this currency.
No Fees
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Benefits of Our USD to CAD service

Better Exchange Rate

Our clients typically receive an improvement of 1% – 3% on bank exchange rates, immediately.

Guaranteed Security

Your funds stay within your own accounts and conversions take place through the Canadian banking system.

True Convenience

There is no need to visit your bank branch. You can do the US dollar exchange online, by phone or at one of locations.


Our clients have access to our FX experts and receive the latest information on FX markets.

How it works

US exchange made easy

If this is your first time using our US conversion system, you can use the conversion tool on this page to book your exchange rate with a few clicks.  Once the rate is booked, you will receive a confirmation of your US conversion.  An Interchange Financial will call you to confirm the US exchange and finalize the process.  You can also call us or visit us to get the latest exchange rates.  This service is ideal for clients who have banking or investment accounts in both CAD and USD  and who want to receive better exchange rates.  The exchange is all done through the Canadian Payment Network and within your own bank accounts.

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Banks and many other financial institutions provide a variety of services to their clients.

We pride ourselves on being specialists in one area only; forex services.

This specialization and our large volumes enable us to deliver both better services and better rates to our clients on any type of foreign exchange transaction.

Account to Account Service at Interchange Currency Exchange

Account to Account

If you have US dollar bank account in Canada and are looking to convert in your bank account at better rates than offered by your bank, then this service is for you.

Cash transactions at Interchange Currency Exchange

Cash Exchange

We have exchange rates that are much better than the banks and we charge no fees.

Money Transfer services at Interchange Financial

Money Transfer

If you are transferring money internationally or receiving money from overseas, we can help you save money as well because of our better exchange rates.

Frequently asked questions about ICS Service

How does it work?

If this is your first time using our USD to CAD conversion service, you can begin by booking a rate using the conversion calculator on this page. You will then receive a confirmation email telling you exactly how much you are paying and how much you are receiving in each currency. There are no fees or commitments associated with the booking. We will hold the rate for you for a few hours while a representative calls you to confirm the exchange and finalize the exchange. After you first exchange you will be given access to our online service and can exchange USD at any time and at your convenience. When confirmed the exchange is reflected in your own accounts two or three days later.

You can also begin the process by calling us or visiting us at one of our locations.

Is ICS appropriate for me?

In our experience, ICS is beneficial for clients who hold accounts in US and Canadian dollars and move funds from one account to another.

How do I register for ICS?

How do I get started?  You can get started by calling us, emailing us, or simply booking an exchange rate on this page using the conversion calculator.

Does it cost anything to register?

There are no costs or obligations involved in registering. Once you register you may decide to use the service, or not, as you deem fit.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees of any kind involved with USD to CAD conversion.

Am I eligible?

This service is available only to Canadian residents or corporations who hold CAD and USD accounts at an eligible bank or credit union. The amount converted must be no less than $2,000 CAD and no more than $1,000,000 CAD. Please contact us to confirm eligibility and appropriateness of ICS for your needs.

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