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Travelers buying or selling foreign cash

Tips on Foreign Currency Exchange

Avoid exchanges located at airports and hotels

These types of currency exchange shops typically have the least attractive exchange rates because they are targeting tourists who do not have time or the resources to shop for the best exchange rate.

Convert currency before travelling

In most cases you can find the best exchange rate before you travel as you are more likely to be able to find the best exchange rate in your home area and not in a place where you are unfamiliar with the surroundings.

Find the best rate

Your ultimate goal should be to find the best exchange rate. Finding the best exchange rate should be simple. Ask your service provider directly how much they will charge in total for a particular currency and amount. Compare that rate given to others to make sure you are getting a better rate.

Avoid companies that charge a "service fee" or a "commission" of any size

In general, you should not be paying a “service fee”, “commission” or any other type of charge other than the price you are being quoted for the exchange. Companies charging something beyond the exchange rate are typically not very good.

Ask about details of the buyback program

A buyback program is important because it allows you to return some portion of your unused currency after you travel. Make sure they agree to buy back the currency at the same price as they sold it to you.

Avoid companies that need to “order a currency”

Avoid companies that need to “order a currency” for you and do not have it available immediately for you to pick up.You are unlikely to get a good rate if the currency has to be ordered from someone else.

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