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Send money to Germany

Looking for the best way to send money to Germany from Canada? Interchange Financial offers a service designed and dedicated to Canadians sending money to Germany. The service offers much better exchange rates than banks and there are no fees of any kind associated with transfers to Germany banks.


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Minimum $500 To book rates for amounts over $100,000 please contact us We are not currently purchasing this currency.
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Send money to Germany from Canada

Canada and Germany are on different continents but there is a lot connecting the two countries. There are extensive trade and commercial relations. In fact, Germany, with the largest economy in the EU and the fourth largest in the world, is a key economic partner for Canada. On a more personal level, almost 10% of Canadians claim at least partial German ancestry and a million people travel between the two countries each year. Many Canadians have family in Germany, keep a second home there, or travel there regularly for pleasure. It only makes sense that we have a service exclusively dedicated for Canadians sending money to Germany.

Send money to Germany

Send money to Germany with no fees

How to send money to Germany in 3 easy steps

Sending money from Canada to Germany is simple:

Book a rate

Check out our rates

Use the calculator on this page to make sure you are happy with our exchange rates for sending money to Germany. We are certain you will agree that they are much better than bank exchange rates and will save you money. There are no fees for transferring money to an account in Germany.

Check your email

Sign up online or on the phone

Click the Register Now button and sign up. Signing up is easy and there are no fees of any kind. Alternatively, you can also call us at 1 888 972-7799 to ask any questions and set up an account.

Fill out the form

Book a transfer online or on the phone

Once you are signed up you will receive a link that will allow you to send money to any bank account in Germany with no fees and at our superior exchange rates. You can also call us at 1 888 972-7799 to book a transfer.

you are done

You are done!

We will take care of the rest. We are integrated into the Canadian payment system so the funds will go from your bank account to the recipient in Germany automatically. You just transferred money at the best exchange rate possible and with no fees!

Sending money to Germany through Interchange Financial

Benefits of Sending Money to Germany

1. No transfer fees

We do not charge any fees for transferring money to Germany. Why should you have to pay to simply move your money around? Once you book a rate you know exactly how much you are paying in Canadian dollars and how much the other person is receiving in euros.

2. Best exchange rates

We offer the best exchange rate possible at any time for transferring money to Germany. Our “Best Exchange Rate Guarantee” offers you peace of mind that you are getting the best exchange rate for your money transfer to Germany.

3. Convenience

Our services offer you superior convenience. You can use our website to send money to Germany from Canada or anywhere else in the world. You can also transfer money to Germany from Canada by telephone or email or by visiting one of our locations.

4. Easy sign up

Signing up could not be easier. It only takes a couple of minutes and requires filling out a simple form. There are no charges or obligations associated with signing up for an account even if you decide not to use the service.

5. Security

You can rest assured that we will protect your security. Your information is completely secure and private. We are Canadian-owned and the largest independent foreign exchange company in Canada. We are regulated by the government of Canada as a currency exchange and transfer specialist and are technology leaders in our area of expertise.

Who uses Interchange Financial to send money to Germany?

Both companies and individuals can use Interchange Financial to transfer money to Germany.


  • People making purchases in Germany.  These are often purchases done online.
  • People who have made large purchases of homes or businesses (maximum of €3,000,000 EUR)
  • People who are transferring money to Germany for investment purposes
  • People who are moving to Germany


  • Companies making supplier payments in Germany
  • Companies purchasing goods and services in Germany
  • Companies making payments in Germany
  • Companies making investments in Germany

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