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Scotiabank conversion rates

Scotiabank Exchange Rate & Scotiabank Currency Exchange

Scotiabank has historically been the most international of Canada’s banks with operations in dozens of countries.  Scotiabank foreign exchange has never made a serious effort to be competitive in the currency market in Canada but does offer a full suite of foreign exchange services.  Let’s look more specifically at Scotiabank exchange rates, including the Scotiabank USD exchange rate, as offered by Scotiabank currency convertor.

A recent survey looked at Scotiabank exchange rates along with other big banks in Canada.  It found that nearly in all circumstances, Scotiabank exchange rates were substantially less attractive than those offered by a credible alternative, Interchange Financial.  Below is a table of some of the currencies from that survey and the savings associated with using the best available alternative which is Interchange Financial.

Currency Pair  % difference of Scotiabank exchange rate with market rate Savings with us
Get the Best Exchange Rate
Scotiabank US exchange rate – USD to CAD 5% $290
Scotiabank Euro exchange rate – EUR to CAD 4% $144
Scotiabank British Pound exchange rate – GBP to CAD 5% $206
Scotiabank Chinese Yuan exchange rate – CNY to CAD N/A N/A
Scotiabank Japanese Yen exchange rate – JPY to CAD 3% $88
Scotiabank South African Rand exchange rate – ZAR to CAD N/A N/A
Scotiabank Mexican Peso exchange rate – MXN to CAD 7% $209
Scotiabank Czech Koruna exchange rate – CZK to CAD 10% $175

The savings shown assume an amount of $5000 of the foreign currency purchased.  You can see the Scotiabank exchange rate on different foreign currencies here and you can see Interchange Financial exchange rates for yourself here.


Scotiabank bank branches do not carry foreign currency and for the most part you will have to pay ahead of time and pick up the currency a week or so later at a branch.  Again, a reputable foreign exchange dealer like Interchange Financial will always have all currencies available on the same day.  You can order it online in seconds and then pay when you pick up.  You can also order online for foreign cash for home delivery.

3 easy steps

Ordering Foreign Cash for Home Delivery

It is a recent innovation but through your bank and through currency exchange companies like Interchange Financial, you can order foreign cash for home delivery across Canada.

Choose your currency

Choose from Canada's largest variety of foreign currencies with confidence, as our Best Rate Guarantee™ ensures that you are always accessing market leading rates.

Choose delivery method

Get your foreign currency delivered securely to your door anywhere in Canada with Canada Post in 2 business days or choose to pick it up from one of our locations instantly.

Online Payment

Pay for your foreign currency quickly and securely with either Interac Online or Interac e-transfer.

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Graham WoodGoogle Reviews

This is a great service, I have only used it twice with currency request online. It is easy quick and very secure all from the convenience of your computer.

Dave G.Yelp

Consistently offers the best prices for currency exchange. Fast, professional and easy, especially if you order online and have it mailed.

Jay M.Yelp

They gave me a better rate than the bank would, also better than the place in the Eaton Center. They even had Costa Rican currency in stock, which a standard bank requires ordering in advance.

Gabe MussoGoogle Reviews

Great experience so far with Interchange financial. The staff have been very responsive over email and the service is easy to use. Lock in a quote, tell them the amount, and the money is transferred.

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