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Cheque Cashing Services

Interchange Financial’s cheque cashing service has been providing Canadians with instant access to their hard-earned money at the lowest possible fees for close to 20 years. Many people don’t have the time in the day to get to the bank and deposit their cheques. We know how inconvenient bank hours are! Waiting an entire weekend for your own hard-earned money isn’t always the most ideal option. When you take a cheque to any Interchange Financial location, you will always receive fast, friendly and cost-effective service.

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Cheque types we cash

Finding a bank that can conveniently deposit a cheque at on your schedule is nearly impossible to find. Going to the bank might also mean running into the frustrations that can come with cashing a cheque. Banks can have hefty deposit fees, which seems redundant when you’re trying to get your own money in your pocket. The bank can also refuse to deposit for their own reasons, such as if something seems suspicious to them or if they won’t serve non-customers. There’s also a chance your cheque could bounce, and if the bank has approved before the cheque goes through, you’ll need to pay back the money already spent. Regardless, having instant access to your money is ideal.

At Interchange, we appreciate your schedule, funds, needs and more, and will cash cheques when you need them. Visit our locations to cash cheques like:

  • Payroll
  • Government
  • Bank Drafts
  • Tax
  • Small Business
  • Insurance Settlements
  • Money Orders
  • USD cheques
  • Certified cheques

Why Choose Interchange Financial?

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We are different

Why Choose Interchange Financial?

Lowest Fees

We charge a fee of only 2.5%, with no additional fees. For cheques under $200 dollars, we charge a flat fee of $5 with no additional charges.
* Some exceptions may apply.

First Cheque is Free

When you cash your first pay cheque at any of our retail locations, we waive the charge, up to a maximum value of $25 dollars.

* Some restrictions apply. 
* This offer applies to new clients only. Proof or history of employment may be required.

Instant Cash

Our cheque cashing service provides you with instant access to your hard-earned money. Over 95% of our clients receive their cash within 5 minutes!

Know your options

What is the best way to cash a cheque?

Cashing a cheque should be easy and cost-effective assuming you are dealing with the right service provider.


You can always deposit the cheque in a bank account. This has some benefits and some draw backs:

  • One drawback is that you do not get access to the funds right away. Often times it can take more than a week before you can get access to the funds at a bank.
  • Another possibility is that you do not have a chequing account and do not want to open one. Or that you do have a checking account but do not want to use it for this particular cheque.
  • It is also possible, that your bank does not have the cash available to give, depending on the size of your cheque, even after your cheque clears.
  • One advantage for the banks is that they generally do not have a charge associated with a check cashing.


The second option is to use a cheque cashing company.  Here are some things to look for:

  • What check cashing fee does the company charge? You earned the money in the check and you should not have to give up much of it to cash it.  The lowest check cashing fee in Toronto that we are aware of is available at Interchange Financial.
  • The upside for using companies like Interchange Financial for check cashing is that they can provide you with the cash right away and do not require a bank account or access to your bank account.
  • The downside of using a non-bank is that they charge a fee. It is important to make sure that the check cashing fee is as low as possible.

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