‘Spring’ Your Summer Travel Plans

Depending on where you live in Canada, the weather outside may not be screaming “Spring” quite yet, but for the seasoned traveler this is the best time of year to get your travel plans started. Think of it as a ‘Spring Cleaning’ time for your travel plans. In addition to ordering your currency online, here […]

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Daydreaming about sunny Delray Beach, Florida

Nothing warms up the soul on a bone-chilling January day in Canada like daydreaming about the perfect 3-day getaway to sunny Delray Beach, Florida! Here is an itinerary for your trip if you are lucky enough to go there … . Before your trip order your US dollars online from Interchange Currency Exchange and get it delivered to […]

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5 Winter Getaway destinations where Canadians can still get great value for the low Canadian dollar

Over the last few years, the strong Canadian dollar has meant that Canadians could travel almost anywhere in the world, at historically low prices—but with the Canadian dollar down more than 30 percent against most major currencies in 2015, Canadian travelers need to be much more selective in choosing their winter getaway destinations this year. […]

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The Perfect Labour Day Getaway

Labouring to come up with something new to do this long weekend? Try visiting our friends south of the border in New York State and don’t forget to buy your US Dollar online before your trip. With the perfect mix of top notch entertainment, world class restaurants, and endless fun in the sun it may just […]

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