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October 8, 2021 in Views

Are you looking to buy US dollars or transfer money to the US? The US dollar is at its lowest against the Canadian dollar since July

The Canadian dollar is up 0.8% today and trading at its highest level since July.  USD to CAD is currently down to 1.248 (CAD to USD is up to 0.801).  The Canadian…
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November 19, 2020 in Views

Is the Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate Going Up or Down?

Summary:  Our qualitative view of the Canadian dollar exchange rate is broadly in line with the Interchange Financial Consensus Forecast.  The Canadian dollar will be largely rangebound but strengthen modestly…
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Canadian Dollar Daily Updates

Omicron USD to CADDaily Updates
November 29, 2021

USD to CAD volatility continues after Omicron causes sell-off in Canadian dollar

"Omicron" has quickly become a late entry for word of the year.  On social media, young people are already using it to refer to a negative surprise; "he is such…
New Variant and USD to CADDaily Updates
November 26, 2021

USD to CAD surges as market reacts to the new variant

The new Covid variant first detected in South Africa is roiling the financial markets and has pushed up the value of USD to CAD to its highest level in 8…
US dollar and the Summer of 69Daily Updates
November 24, 2021

The US dollar and Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69”

We have been saying to expect volatility this week given the low volumes around the US Thanksgiving holiday and the last couple of days have proven the point.  Over the…

The IFC Consensus Canadian Dollar Forecast is based on the aggregation of forecasts by major Canadian and Global banks and trading houses. The methodology used to calculate the forecast takes into account, among other things, the historical accuracy of the forecaster as well as other factors deemed relevant. Short Term refers to forecast for the end of the current quarter. Long Term refers to the forecast for the end of next year. The IFC Canadian Dollar Consensus Forecast is updated periodically.

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