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Interchange Financial Launches the “Consensus Canadian Dollar Forecast”

Canadian Dollar Forecast
Interchange Financial Corporation, Canada’s leading foreign exchange company, has launched a new index called the Consensus Canadian Dollar Forecast. The Interchange Financial Consensus Canadian Dollar Forecast draws on the views of leading forecasters around the world on the value of the USD to CAD.  By applying a proprietary methodology that takes into account a variety of factors such as the historical accuracy of the forecaster, the volatility of the currency pair and other factors deemed relevant. In effect, the Interchange Financial Canadian Dollar Forecast aggregates the expertise of leading forecasters at reputable financial institutions. The Consensus Canadian Dollar Forecast consists of a short-term exchange rate forecast for the end of the current quarter.  The long-term Consensus Canadian Dollar Forecast does the same thing for the value of the USD to CAD for the end of next year. We believe the Consensus Canadian Dollar Forecast to be the first index of its type in Canada.  The index will be updated regularly.  We believe it can be a helpful tool in the hands of our clients when making decisions about currency exchange. The forecast is not intended as a recommendation to trade, nor does it construe advice whether to buy or sell.  For information specific to your situation you should consult your relevant advisor or investment, legal or accounting professionals.

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